Get rid of repetitive tasks once and for all.

Manage orders, deliveries and payments across your sales channels all from a central place.

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Management made easier

Nanasi brings all your orders, deliveries and payments together in one simple place and integrates with the platforms you already use to sell.

So whether you sell on social media , your website or on multiple physical stores Nanasi is your control panel where you can manage & automate everything.

Build for growth

All of Nanasi’s features have been tailored to help you maximize your growth.

Manage the core aspects of your business from one place

Save hours in your day,automate tasks like order processing, deliveries and payments from a single dashboard. It’s like autopilot but for retail.

Sell on multiple channels with one inventory

Share your products on multiple sales channels, discover new markets & reach more customers. Nanasi will take care of your inventory and let you focus on your core product.

Run smarter with business analytics

Track your performance and get insights about your business at a glance to help you better understand your customers & make smart business decisions.

We are experts in retail

We’ve been in your shoes. Having built our own retail businesses, we know how difficult it is to scale your business when you are too busy being the owner, manager, salesperson, cashier and delivery person. Our team is obsessed with automating all the core aspects of your business so that you can focus on what's important.